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CNC Processing Center

  • CNC加工中心

CNC (CNC) is a computer numerical control machine tool (Computer numerical control) for short, is a kind of controlled by the program of automatic machine. The control system is able to deal with the control logic code or other symbolic instruction specified by the computer program, the decoding, so that the machine tool to implement the provisions of good actions, by cutting the blank is processed into semi-finished products parts. Conventional machining are general machine tools by hand operation, processing machinery shake cutting metal by hand, by the eyes with caliper tool precision measurement products. Modern industry has long been the use of computer digital control machine tool operation, NC machine tool can according to the technical personnel of pre programmed to automatically to any of the products and parts are processed directly. This is what we say "CNC machining". NC processing is widely used in any field of all mechanical processing, more is the development trend of mold processing and important and necessary technical means.

Company existing staff 80 people, with CNC machining equipment, advanced domestic large engraving machine, large universal milling machine, general milling machine, lathe, internal and external circular grinding machine, large rocker drilling, welding and other general machine tool. Annual production of foaming mould of automobile, vacuum mould, sunshade board welding mold and all kinds of non-standard tooling and fixture is about 800. The main products are vacuum and dashboard foam mould, car seat foam mold, EPP foaming mould, shading mode, gear handball foam, PU foam mold insulation pad, direction tray mold, mold of automobile carpet, ceiling mold, jig and fixture, IL104 cast aluminum parts and all kinds of mechanical processing products. Is the introduction of Japanese manufacturing techniques Toyota, combined with the original Europe and mold manufacturing technology, now the mold to achieve the advanced level at home and abroad. Enterprise existing senior teacher 5 people, senior engineer 6 people, technician and skilled worker 8 people, strong technical force, production. Office space 1000 square meters, machinery processing workshop 8000 square meters, from the mold product scan, modeling, process arrangement, programming, has been to NC machining, fitter assembly completed. Welding engineering development, design and manufacture of fixtures and gauges. Now Billiton Technology cooperation with Japan three, equipment and mold a comprehensive development of the car interior. In order to ensure the quality of product reliability and stability, the enterprise product quality inspection strictly adopt GB standard and ISO9001-2000 standard. Long term since the product has been affirmed by the user and praise.